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Letters from the Church...

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Join us on Monday nights from 6:30pm to 8pm for bible study programming for all ages. Adult, Children, and Youth. 

Episode 1 streaming. 

Episode 2 premieres on June 11th, 2021 at 10pm. 

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District Assembly Conference is going to be an in-person event this summer. It will be held at Denver First Church of the Nazarene, June 17-19. There is no charge for DAC this year, but you will still need to register all of your delegates and alternates.

Register here:


Ordination Service is Friday night, June 18.

NYI and NMI Conventions are Saturday morning at 9:00 am at Denver First Church.

 Join us for worship, fellowship, and celebration of our fathers. Service begins at 10am.


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 We will be having a 4th of July celebration at Faith Community this summer. This will be a combined celebration of Mothers and Father's Day in conjunction with Independence Day. More information coming soon.